Duplicitous Rosendale: “I really don’t” think wildfires should be treated as natural disasters


Helena – Just days after Matt Rosendale said he didn’t think wildfires should be treated like any other natural disaster – something the entire Montana delegation disagrees with – the Rosendale campaign had to clean up his statement for a reporter by contradicting what he really said.

This week, Rosendale was asked if wildfires should be treated like any other natural disaster, a policy meant to keep the federal government from taking money from other programs to cover fire costs.

But Rosendale said “I really don’t” and “I would prefer not.” That would mean the Forest Service would have to pull money from its budget from other important programs like forest management to cover forest fire costs.

Rosendale’s real position contradicts the entire Montana delegation, including Sen. Daines and Rep. Gianforte.

Either the Rosendale campaign doesn’t care that it’s misleading Montanans about his beliefs, or Rosendale doesn’t understand the issues that impact Montanans and their communities. Either way, it’s a lose-lose for Montana.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Democrats question Rosendale’s support of wildfire funding fix; Rosendale camp says he supports it
By Michael Wright
August 24, 2018

Key points:

  • “Matt Rosendale…said on a radio show this week that he didn’t think wildfires should be treated the same as other natural disasters.”
  • “‘I would prefer not,’ [Rosendale] said, adding that funds meant for other natural disasters shouldn’t be diverted to the U.S. Forest Service and that the agency should focus more on harvesting timber to generate revenue and reduce fire risk.”
  • “…the Tester campaign took the statement to mean Rosendale disagreed with the fire funding fix included in the omnibus bill, a provision meant to prevent federal officials from diverting money from other programs to cover fire costs.”
  • “All members of the Montana delegation supported it as did several other western Republicans.”

Read the entire article HERE.


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