Downing Suffers Fallout from Alleged Threats Against Ex-Wife

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Friday, October 29, 2020

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Downing Suffers Fallout from Alleged Threats Against Ex-Wife
Helena, MT – After a series of reports emerged detailing disturbing comments made by Downing, including a threat to kill his ex-wife with their children present, as well as Downing’s attempts to shirk child support obligations, the Republican candidate for State Auditor has continued to suffer the fallout, losing out on a major newspaper endorsement that cited the disturbing allegations.

The reporting adds to an extensive record of skirting Montana law over the course of his brief time in the state. Downing has received criticism for his California residency and his guilty plea in acquiring in-state resident hunting licenses without in-state residency. Downing’s campaign has been plagued by campaign fairness violations — a pattern of disregard and illegality that definitively shows that Montanans cannot trust Troy Downing.

The Missoulian Editorial Board agreed:

“Downing has had some trouble following the letter of law, pleading guilty to two misdemeanors for obtaining resident hunting and fishing licenses while his primary residence was in California, and then racking up seven campaign finance violations earlier this year. Most troubling, he has demonstrated a persistent inability to admit to his mistakes or show he’s learned from them. His preposterous response to the Fish, Wildlife and Parks citations was to say, “It’s unfortunate the liberal Montana FWP deep state is on a witch hunt.”

This month Downing is on the defensive again, denying accusations that he threatened his ex-wife in 2002 and attempted to underpay child support during divorce proceedings.

Those elected to a position of public trust enforcing Montana’s laws should be dedicated to following Montana’s laws themselves, even the little ones they don’t deem that important, and willing to hold themselves accountable.”


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