Dishonest Daines Tries to Rewrite History, Casts Himself as “One of the Most Bipartisan” Senators  

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

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Dishonest Daines Tries to Rewrite History, Casts Himself as “One of the Most Bipartisan” Senators
Helena, MT – In an interview with MTN’s Mike Dennison, Senator Steve Daines attempted to rewrite history, casting himself as a bipartisan champion for Montanans and ignoring his past as “China’s ambassador in Congress.” Here’s the truth:

Daines: “I’ve been recognized as one of the most bipartisan, most effective senators” 

REALITY: During his time in the Senate, Steve Daines has voted with Mitch McConnell nearly 95% of the time. His “bipartisan” efforts seemingly only come around when he is facing a tough reelection.

“Daines said he insisted on including more relief in the 2017 tax-cut bill for smaller businesses, stood up for small-business help in the coronavirus relief bill”

REALITY: The tax cut that Daines says he secured for small businesses overwhelmingly helps the wealthy

Daines … is taking a page from the national GOP playbook, attacking China for its role in the coronavirus pandemic”

REALITY: Just a few months ago, Daines praised the Chinese government’s response to the crisis, saying it “aggressively worked to contain” the virus. These glowing comments came even as American intelligence officials were warning that China was misleading the world about the severity of the crisis. 

Daines “propos[ed] tax breaks and other policies he says will encourage companies to move overseas jobs back to America.”

REALITY: In 2015, Daines voted against a Bring Jobs Home measure that sought to end tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs. Two years later, he voted for a tax plan that overwhelmingly benefited the “extremely wealthy and corporations” and that “could actually make it more attractive” to ship jobs overseas.


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