Dishonest Daines Sudden Support for LWCF Nothing More Than Re-Election Tactic

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Dishonest Daines Sudden Support for LWCF Nothing More Than Re-Election Tactic
Helena, MT – Yesterday, Senator Steve Daines touted his support for a Senate bill that would permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund, saying its resources “will no longer be at the whim of Congress.” 

Did Daines forget that he has been serving in the Senate majority for the last five years and failed to stand up to Mitch McConnell to secure full funding for the LWCF until he was up for reelection? 

The election-year decision to suddenly support the LWCF comes after Daines voting against permanent reauthorization of the program, remaining silent about efforts to cut the program, and voting to pull back funding from it. 

This continues Dishonest Daines’ pattern of doing one thing in Washington DC, and telling Montanans another. From supporting Trump nominees with abysmal records on public lands to voting for an amendment that sportsmen and conservationists criticized as a “first step to federal land transfer,” Daines is trying to mislead Montanans on his record.

“Daines’ sudden support of permanent funding for LWCF is nothing more than a cynical political ploy to distract from his terrible history on public lands,” said Executive Director of MDP Sandi Luckey. “If Daines actually cared about fully funding LWCF, he would have stood up to Mitch McConnell and fought for it years ago. After years of lip service, and now that Daines has a competitive re-election race he’s suddenly in a hurry.”


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