Dishonest Daines: Does One Thing in DC, Tells Montanans Another

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

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Dishonest Daines: Does One Thing in DC, Tells Montanans Another
Helena, MT – Senator Steve Daines again misrepresented his record in an interview this week – continuing his pattern of doing one thing in Washington DC, and saying another to Montanans. In misleading voters on his business and voting history, Daines is trying to distract from his years of fighting for special interests and the wealthy, not working Montanans. 

But don’t worry, we fixed Dishonest Daines’ mistakes for him. 

Dishonest Daines: “I’m running for re-election to fight for more Montana jobs, to rebuild our economy and to secure our healthcare system.” 

Honest Daines: I support repealing the Affordable Care Act, which would end Medicaid expansion and threaten health coverage for more than 80,000 Montanans, and jeopardize thousands of jobsreduce access to mental health and substance use disorder treatments, and devastate rural hospitals

Dishonest Daines: “During this ongoing pandemic, I fought to secure funding needed to save small businesses that keep Montanans employed, for medical gear to protect our health care heroes, and ensured COVID-19 testing is free.” 

Honest Daines: I have been taking credit for relief measures I originally opposed, and have been touting my role in securing additional funding for hospitals and COVID-19 tests, despite pushing for a package that neglected both

Dishonest Daines: “I developed the plan and secured the funding to safely speed up the development of life-saving COVID-19 drugs – drugs that will be made right here in America.” 

Honest Daines: After Congress passed a provision to speed up drug manufacturing, PACs for pharmaceutical companies including Merck, Pfizer and Sanofi contributed roughly $16,000 to me. I have been raking in campaign contributions from Big Pharma for years, taking $141,000 during my time in Congress. 

Dishonest Daines: “I graduated from MSU as a chemical engineer and spent 28 years in the private sector.  I was trained to solve hard problems and that experience is why I’ve been recognized as one of the most bipartisan and effective members of Congress.  

Honest Daines: When working in the private sector, I helped corporate giant Procter & Gamble set up plants in China in the 1990s while the company eliminated thousands of jobs in the U.S.  During my time in the Senate, I’ve been a loyal footsoldier and voted with Mitch McConnell nearly 95% of the time. 


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