Dishonest Daines: Continuing Pattern of Misrepresenting His Record 

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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Dishonest Daines: Continuing Pattern of Misrepresenting His Record 
Helena, MT – In a new interview with NBC Montana, Senator Steve Daines continued to misrepresent his record –  keeping up with his pattern of doing one thing in Washington DC, while turning around and saying another to Montanans. 

By fudging the facts, Dishonest Daines hopes Montanans will forget about his years of prioritizing the wealthy and special interests over hard-working families. 

Shot: Daines claims his first priority is “focused on taking care of Montanans.” 

Chaser: Even in the midst of a global public health crisis, Daines is still committed to repealing the Affordable Care Act, which would end Medicaid expansion — threatening health coverage for more than 80,000 Montanans — jeopardize thousands of jobsreduce access to mental health and substance use disorder treatments, and devastate rural hospitals

Shot: Daines touted a provision in the latest coronavirus relief bill to speed up drug development to fight COVID-19. 

Chaser: After Congress passed the provision Daines references, PACs for pharmaceutical companies including Merck, Pfizer and Sanofi contributed roughly $16,000 to Dishonest Daines. For years, Daines has been raking in campaign contributions from Big Pharma, taking $159,000 during his time in Congress. 


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