Dishonest Daines Changes Tune on All-Mail Election  

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Sunday, September 27, 2020

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Dishonest Daines Changes Tune on All-Mail Election
Helena, MT – In a new interview, Senator Steve Daines once again changed his tune about the possibility for counties to conduct this November’s general election as a mail ballot election. Initially, Senator Steve Daines said it was “important we allow that decision to be at the local levels,” which is exactly a directive issued by Governor Bullock on August 6th made possible. Then, a few weeks ago, when Daines’ GOP party bosses filed a lawsuit to take away counties’ ability to decide whether to implement mail ballot procedures, Daines changed his stance. Today, Daines has flip-flopped again, and is now saying that he is “confident” in having mail ballot elections in Montana. 

When it comes to protecting Montanans’ right to vote and their ability to vote safely during a global public health crisis, Daines’ word clearly means nothing.

In that same interview, Daines conceded that no additional pandemic relief will be passed before the November election. While Daines is giving up on delivering desperately-needed funding for Montanans struggling during this crisis, he is focused on ramming through a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court – which could threaten health care coverage for tens of thousands of Montanans.

“Every single day, Steve Daines shows Montanans his word can’t be trusted,” said MDP Communications Christina Wilkes. “From playing politics with our ability to vote safely to throwing in the towel on providing critical pandemic relief, Daines shows he’s just out for himself, not Montanans.” 


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