Developer Matt Rosendale Still Pushing to Make it Easier to Sell Off Public Lands


Helena – Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale is desperately trying to hide his anti-public lands record from Montanans. But Rosendale’s lengthy laundry list of votes and priorities to make it easier to sell off our public lands makes it hard to miss his true record of supporting policies that would hurt Montana’s sportsmen and sportswomen.

In the legislature, Rosendale voted to create a task force criticized by sportsmen as “anti-public lands” and  a “backdoor” to talks of public lands transfer.

In his capacity on the Land Board, Rosendale voted repeatedly against Montana sportsmen and women by denying permanent public hunting access to 20,000 acres of land in Eastern Montana. He also helped torpedo the Keogh Ranch Conservation Easement, which would have protected about 8,000 acres of hunting land from potential subdivision.

During Rosendale’s last failed run for federal office, he endorsed transferring federal public lands to the state, which Montana Republicanswildlife advocates, and local editorial boards all criticized. He said that transferring public lands was “a top priority” and he even said that transferring public land is “the primary thing we have to focus on.”

Fast forward a few years and Maryland Matt is still pushing policies that run counter to what Montanans want. Rosendale supports legislation described as “the biggest rollback of public lands protections in state history” and opposed by the vast majority of Montanansthat would eliminate protections for more than half a million acres of our public lands. He also opposes legislation that “strengthens protections for 80,000 acres of land in western Montana while opening new areas for motorized recreation and timber harvest.”

“East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s public lands agenda shows he is wildly out-of-touch with Montana values—he’s said that transferring public lands is the ‘primary thing’ we should focus on, when the vast majority of Montanans disagree with him,” said Brooke Bainum, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “It’s obvious why Maryland Matt keeps misleading Montanans about his terrible public lands record: his policies put himself first, and Montanans last.”

With a history like that, it’s hard for Rosendale to argue he’s been anything but an enemy to Montana’s public lands.


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