Despite Opposition from 62% of Montanans, Gianforte Remains Silent on Monument Reductions in Questions to Zinke


Helena—Today during a committee hearing, multimillionaire Greg Gianforte failed to ask Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke a single question about Zinke’s recommendations to shrink four national monuments and shift management of 10 others, despite deep opposition from Montanans.

Gianforte’s continued silence came on the heels of new polling released this week that shows 62% of Montanans are opposed to Zinke’s actions on national monuments. Zinke’s recommendations have already resulted in a loss of protections for over 2 million acres of public lands.

Even though he sits on the Federal Lands Subcommittee, Gianforte has not taken a public position on Zinke’s actions. However, back in October, Gianforte voted to gut the Antiquities Act, endangering monuments such as Montana’s Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument.

This vote, in addition to his continued silence on national monuments and his two bills to remove protections from 690,000 acres of Montana’s public lands, demonstrate how Gianforte has repeatedly put Washington politics before Montana values.

Perhaps that is why 59% of Montanans disapprove of his job performance—only three points less than the policies he won’t speak out against—according to the same poll.


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