Democrats, Advocates Call Out Dishonest Daines’ Abysmal Public Lands Record

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

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Democrats, Advocates Call Out Dishonest Daines’ Abysmal Public Lands Record

MDP Launches & New Digital Ad
Helena, MT – This morning, Former Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Commissioner Dan Vermillion of Livingston, public lands advocate Addrien Marx, and State Rep. Dave Fern of Whitefish called out Senator Steve Daines for playing politics with Montana’s public lands. As Daines tries to greenwash his record in a misleading election-year flip-flop, the speakers highlighted Daines’ extensive history of saying one thing to Montanans and doing another in Washington, DC. 
During the call, Montana Democrats launched  — a website detailing Steve Daines’ history of misleading Montanans on a number of issues. The MDP also revealed a new five figure digital ad holding Daines accountable for his abysmal record on public lands, that will target Montanans on multiple digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Key excerpts of the call below:
Former Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commissioner Dan Vermillion – “Really raises the question of why it took so long?… It is now only in June of 2020 when Steve Daines is up for reelection when we’re suddenly getting this across the finish line.” 

“I would certainly encourage Senator Daines to take this new commitment to the outdoors and start thinking about it in reference to things like [William Perry Pendly], who’s still the head of the BLM, and has spent decades working on behalf of federal land transfers.”

Addrien Marx, Public Lands Advocate – “In 2015, Daines voted for an amendment that conservationists and sportsmen slammed as the first step to federal land transfers. And I have to stop here and wonder what is this? He’s all of a sudden turned around and he’s supporting the Great American Outdoors Act and the LWCF? Yes, he is because, folks, this is an election year. His seat is being really challenged, and so we start with the campaign rhetoric, not facts.” 
State Rep. Dave Fern – “LWCF is really important for me, personally, and certainly for the area I live in – I know I speak for other gateway communities, such as Livingston, Gardner, West Yellowstone, Whitefish, Columbia Falls –it’s long awaited legislation… As I look at this and some of the things already said, I would point again to this remarkable reversal from President Trump exclaiming that he was going to slash the funds from the LWCF and then amazingly one year later we’re increasing the funds to record amounts. How interesting politics does work.” 
A full recording of the call can be found here


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