In DC, Yet Again: Matt Rosendale


Helena – Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale must be racking up the miles with all his frequent flights to DC to cozy up to Washington elite.

Today, Rosendale was found out and about during the middle of the work week not in Montana where his job is, but in DC.

We know he was at the White House, but just what else, exactly, is Rosendale up to all the way over on the East Coast?

We’ve learned by now that Rosendale isn’t transparent with anyone—whether he’s hiding his official emails from the public, cooking the books and skirting the law with a shady campaign finance scheme and then refusing to answer questions about it, misleading everyone with his false rancher claims, or failing to take responsibility for signing under penalty of perjury to be a Maryland resident (just to name a few).

But Montanans deserve to know, what is Matt Rosendale doing in DC and who is he meeting with while he’s there?


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