Daines Unwilling to Stand Up to Big Pharma Donors 

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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Daines Unwilling to Stand Up to Big Pharma Donors 
Helena, MT – A new report found that the price of hundreds of medicines has increased during the coronavirus pandemic. Steve Daines has often paid lip service to lowering prescription drug prices for hard-working Montanans, yet he has voted against measures to bring down costs – instead he’s been busy looking out for his Big Pharma donors. 

Last year, Daines voted to strike a proposal which would have penalized pharmaceutical companies who raise drug prices above the rate of the inflation. While serving on the Senate Finance Committee, Daines and his Republican colleagues rejected a proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate the price of medication. Daines also voted for a tax plan that further enriched Big Pharma, while blowing up the deficit.

While opposing  measures to bring down drug prices for the people of the Big Sky Country, Daines pocketed campaign contributions from Big Pharma, taking $159,000 during his time in Congress. 

With this record, we won’t hold our breath to see if Steve Daines stands up to Big Pharma as they jack up drug prices during a public health crisis,” said MDP Communications Advisor Christina Wilkes. “Montanans deserve a Senator who delivers real results for them, not pharmaceutical executives.” 


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