Daines Touted Ineffective Drug He’s Invested In  

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Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Daines Touted Ineffective Drug He’s Invested In  
Helena, MT – A new study has found that the drug hydroxychloroquine — which Senator Steve Daines highlighted as having potential to treat COVID-19 — failed to prevent healthy people exposed to COVID from getting the virus. But despite serious questions as to hydroxychloroquine’s safety and efficacy, Daines expressed optimism about the drug as the pandemic worsened.

One important detail may help explain why. Reporting revealed that Daines has investments in companies producing the drug. Since these details emerged, Daines has kept his radio silence on whether his financial stake in companies producing hydroxychloroquine impacted his public stance on its potential.

This continues Daines’ pattern of making decisions in his role as a senator that could benefit his financial interests. Daines invested in mutual funds containing Chinese companies the day before trade talks between China and the US, and once reports appeared to indicate a thaw in tensions, Daines cashed out. He also made massive investments in health care industry funds as he voted on legislation to tear down the Affordable Care Act. 

“During an unprecedented health crisis, Steve Daines was touting an unproven and ineffective treatment that just happened to be part of his investment portfolio,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Lives are on the line, and Daines pushing a treatment he had a stake in is shameful.” 


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