Daines Throws Support Behind Tariffs That Are Wreaking Havoc on Montanans’ Livelihoods

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Helena, Mont. – Returning from his trip to China, Sen. Steve Daines threw his support behind tariffs that are exacerbating a trade war that has upended international markets and devastated prices for Montana farmers and producers.

Daines said he supports tariffs placed on Chinese goods, which China has retaliated against, resulting in higher costs on goods for families in Montana and across the country.

The escalating trade spat is disrupting overseas markets that are critical to Montana farmers and producers.

The trade war is costing families an estimated $460 a year.

“Steve Daines came back from China and made it abundantly clear he’s not working for the people of Montana,” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Monica Lindeen. “He’s supporting the very tactics that are hurting Montana farmers, producers and our rural communities. It’s time to elect another senator who actually fights for Montanans.”

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