Daines Still Silent As Congress Investigates Aide Turned Pandemic Profiteer 

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

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Daines Still Silent As Congress Investigates Aide Turned Pandemic Profiteer 
As Investigations into Former Aide’s Company Mount, Daines Remains Silent
Helena, MT – This week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee announced an investigation into Blue Flame Medical LLC, founded by former Daines campaign aide Mike Gula, after numerous reports that the company failed to deliver on contracts with state and local governments to provide critical medical supplies. This announcement comes after the Justice Department opened an investigation into the company and one of its cancelled orders was referred to Maryland’s attorney general.

Gula founded Blue Flame to “capitalize on the coronavirus response” using “relationships” to obtain equipment like testing materials and PPE that are in short supply across the country. 

Daines has paid Gula nearly $500,000 since 2018 and has refused to answer questions about the nature of his affiliation with Gula, or if he leveraged his long standing relationships with Chinese officials to help Blue Flame partner with a subsidiary of a Chinese government-owned company. The Wall Street Journal reports Daines was “paying Gula to set up several fundraising events” including two DC fundraisers and retreats in Napa, California and Helena scheduled for this summer. 

“During the worst public health crisis in a century, Senator Daines’ former aide is shamelessly lining his pockets with his sham company,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Senator Daines continues skirting questions about his level of involvement with this profiteering scheme, and refuses to deny he was one of the ‘relationships’ Gula leveraged. Daines needs to stop misleading Montanans and start coming clean about his role in his former aide’s shady scam.” 


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