Daines Still on Extended Vacation As Montana’s Critical Needs Go Unmet

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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Daines Still on Extended Vacation As Montana’s Critical Needs Go Unmet
Helena, MT – As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, Montana’s critical needs from the federal government are still going unmet – including funding for state and local governments, our schools, the Postal Service and an extension of emergency unemployment benefits. 

But where is Senator Steve Daines? Not doing his job in the middle of an unprecedented crisis — instead, he is off enjoying a month-long summer vacation despite failing to pass additional COVID relief.

The House of Representatives passed additional pandemic aid over three months ago. Yet, Daines and his Republican colleagues in the Senate have failed to act. Instead of fighting for his constituents, Daines packed his bags and headed home to boost his ailing re-election campaign. 

“It’s shameful that Steve Daines is once again skipping work while Montanans are facing this unprecedented crisis and the Postal Service lacks adequate resources to deliver critical mail including prescription drugs, Social Security benefits, and ballots,” said MDP Communications Advisor Christina Wilkes. “Time and time again, Daines prioritizes his political career over the needs of his constituents.”


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