Daines Silent As Workers Plead With Congress to Extend Critical Unemployment Benefits

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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Daines Silent As Workers Plead With Congress to Extend Critical Unemployment Benefits 
Helena, MT – As the coronavirus crisis drags on, vulnerable workers facing job losses are pleading with Congress to extend the boosted unemployment benefits.  As the pandemic takes an economic toll, many across the country and in Montana continue to confront a bleak employment landscape. Even still, Senator Steve Daines continues to oppose these crucial benefits keeping unemployed Montanans afloat during this downturn.

When the pandemic first started to unfold, Daines voted to cap unemployment insurance — but when Democrats succeeded in expanding these benefits, Daines was repeatedly caught dishonestly bragging about the increased benefits he had opposed. Daines then abruptly changed his tune, calling this essential relief too “generous.” 

Instead, Daines’ concerns lie with the interests of his moneyed friends – supporting a corporate slush fund lacking strong protections, and helping Republicans slip a massive tax giveaway for the wealthy into a relief package. 

“Hard-working Montanans are falling upon hard times, but Steve Daines’ number one priority is looking out for his ultra-wealthy allies,” said MDP Communications Advisor Christina Wilkes. “On election day, voters will replace him with a leader who will always stand up for Big Sky Country in times of crisis.”


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