Daines Remains Opposed to Essential Lifeline for Unemployed Montanans 

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Monday, July 20, 2020

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Daines Remains Opposed to Essential Lifeline for Unemployed Montanans 
Letting Boosted Unemployment Insurance Expire Could Result in “Extreme Financial Distress for Millions”
Helena, MT – As the Senate reconvenes, the expanded unemployment benefits which have served a crucial lifeline to Montanans throughout the COVID-19 are set to run out. Letting this insurance expire could deliver a “hefty blow to the economy” and result in “extreme financial distress for millions of Americans.”

Even still, Senator Steve Daines continues to oppose these critical resources keeping unemployed Montanans afloat. When the pandemic first hit, Daines voted to cap unemployment insurance, but after Democrats succeeded in expanding the benefits, he repeatedly got caught dishonestly bragging about the program he voted against. Daines then abruptly flip-flopped and called the benefits too “generous.”

Instead of throwing a lifeline to unemployed Montanans, Daines has kept a laser-like focus on helping out his big-money friends. Daines supported a corporate slush fund without strong protections, and helped Republicans slip a tax giveaway for the ultra-wealthy into a relief package.  

“Time and time again, Steve Daines has prioritized corporate donors over hard-working Montanans,” said MDP Communications Advisor Christina Wilkes. “Daines’ skewed priorities are crystal clear – he puts the monied special interests first.”


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