Daines: “Not Familiar” With “Right to Repair”

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Monday, October 5, 2020

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Daines: “Not Familiar” With “Right to Repair”
Helena, MT – When asked at a recent virtual town hall about the “right to repair” – which would provide farmers the ability to fix and update their own farm equipment – Senator Steve Daines said he “was not familiar with the issue and he would have his staff look into it.” The right-to-repair is critical for Montana farmers in keeping their operations running in an efficient manner and their input costs low. 

The truth is, however, that Daines has pocketed more than $50,000 from right-to-repair opponents, including in the agriculture equipment, telecommunications and technology industries who stand to benefit from rules mandating farmers turn to them for repairs. Instead of fighting for the interests of Montana’s hard-working farmers, Daines is yet again looking out for his corporate backers.  

“Steve Daines may try to play dumb, but once again, it’s clear he’s siding with his big-business buddies, over Montanans,” said MDP Communications Advisor Christina Wilkes. “Montana’s farmers should be able to count on their Senator to fight for them, but instead Daines only fights for himself and his corporate donors who bankroll his career.”


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