Daines Lies To Montana Seniors on Social Security and Medicare Record

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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Daines Lies To Montana Seniors on Social Security and Medicare Record
Helena, MT – In a recent interview with the AARP, Senator Steve Daines lied about his record of putting himself and his corporate backers over the best interests of Montana’s seniors. Throughout his time in Washington D.C., Daines has worked to undermine Social Security and Medicare while voting to slash taxes for massive corporations and the wealthy, including himself.

Time and time again, Daines shows he’s only out for himself and his big-money buddies – not Montanans

Daines: “I’ll always protect Social Security benefits for our Montana seniors.”

FACT CHECK: Daines has voted against expanding Social Security benefits and is supporting President Trump’s plan to suspend the payroll tax even though it is creating “uncertainty among older Americans and the general public about Social Security and its ability to pay promised benefits.” 

Daines: “To be very clear, I’ll always protect Medicare for our seniors.” 

FACT CHECK: Daines has voted to cut Medicare funding by hundreds of billions of dollars and raise the eligibility age. He has also voted to turn Medicare into a voucher system. Additionally, Daines championed tax cuts that disproportionately benefited massive corporations and the wealthy, while his party threatened to pay for them by cutting funding for Medicare and Social Security. 

Daines: “The price of drugs, especially for our seniors, is out of control and I’m committed to fixing this problem.” 

FACT CHECK: Daines has worked to protect Big Pharma’s profits by voting against common sense measures to lower the cost of drugs and to give them massive tax breaks — even as they keep jacking up prices on Montanans. Daines voted to gut “the core policy” of a bill that would penalize companies for raising  prescription drug prices above the rate of inflation which constituted the bulk of taxpayer savings. Daines has also voted repeatedly to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would reopen the Medicare Part D prescription drug donut hole and could increase costs for seniors, and against allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.


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