Daines is Bankrolled by the Sworn Enemies to Montana’s Public Lands 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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Daines is Bankrolled by the Sworn Enemies to Montana’s Public Lands 
Helena, MT – After years of playing politics with Montana’s public lands, Daines has made a desperate election-year attempt to masquerade as a conservationistHowever, throughout his time in Washington D.C., Daines has been bankrolled by those who threaten our public lands and has fought for their interests.

Here are some of the enemies of public lands who Daines has been looking out for in Washington:

Billionaire Land Grabbing Wilks Brothers: During his political career, Daines has pocketed nearly $50,000 dollars in campaign cash from the billionaire Wilks Brothers, two of the largest landowners in Montana – owning roughly 300,000 acres – who are notorious for buying up thousands of acres of property across the Rocky Mountain West and then blocking access to public lands. 

During the same time period Daines was pocketing campaign cash from the Wilks Brothers, Daines voted against a proposal to permanently reauthorize LWCF, and voted for a measure that risked the sale of our public lands. 

Controversial Trump Pick Pendley: Daines also supports William Perry Pendley leading the Bureau of Land Management despite his vocal advocacy for “selling off almost all public lands” and deeming those concerned about climate change as “kooks” who are “preaching fear.” While Governor Bullock recently won a lawsuit to block Pendley from continuing to serve as Acting Director, Daines has stood by Pendley for months – calling concerns about him leading BLM “overblown.”

“Bad Actor” Mining Company: Just this year, the CEO and corporate PAC of a mining company designated as a “bad actor” in Montana donated thousands of dollars to Daines’ re-election campaign. Governor Bullock deemed the company and its executive a “bad actor” – but Daines stepped in to defend them – expressing his “disappointment” with the state’s decision. 

Oil Executive Supporting Pro-Daines PAC: This summer, Dan Eberhardt, an out-of-state oil executive, confirmed plans to launch an independent expenditure to help shore up Daines’ sinking re-election campaign. Eberhardt supported Daines’ effort to strip protections from hundreds of thousands of acres of public lands, which critics said would have constituted the “single biggest rollback of protected public lands in Montana history.

While Daines tries desperately to paint himself as a public lands champion, his loyal campaign boosters show where his real loyalties lie. Daines sides with his big-money backers, not Montanans. 

For more information visit dishonestdaines.com 


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