Daines Indulging the Rich and Famous: A History  

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

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Daines Indulging the Rich and Famous: A History
Helena, MT – Yesterday, in a Facebook Live with the American Conservation Coalition, Senator Steve Daines said he does not want Montana to become “only a playground  for the rich and famous.” But Daines has a long history of shelling out favors for his elite friends at the expense of hard-working Montanans. 

Exhibit A: Two years ago, Daines requested to reopen old airstrips in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex – a measure that critics said would have “dramatically” increased air traffic and “diminished”  the solitude of the area. In doing so, Montana conservationists noted that Daines was “prioritizing the interests of a tiny fraction of Montanans” – and those who just happen to have private planes.  

Exhibit B: In 2017, Daines elevated the concerns of wealthy landowners, several of whom were his donors, fighting to limit public access to the Crazy Mountains in their effort to remove a district forest ranger who worked to protect public access to the region. Montanans took note of Daines’ skewed priorities and  highlighted that only the “wealthiest people” and his “largest campaign donors” have his ear. 

Exhibit C: Daines voted for a tax plan that overwhelmingly benefited the “extremely wealthy and corporations” and further enriched insurance companies and Big Pharmawhile blowing up the deficit.


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