Daines Continues to Support Enemy of Montana Public Lands William Perry Pendley 

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

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Daines Continues to Support Enemy of Montana Public Lands William Perry Pendley 
Helena, MT – Today, a federal court upheld the cancellation of the last remaining oil and gas lease in Montana’s Badger-Two Medicine region, an area which holds cultural significance to the Blackfeet Nation and Montanans – rejecting the Louisiana-based company Solenex’s request to restore the lease. 

Decades ago, anti-public lands zealot William Perry Pendley was a  Department of Interior official when the Bureau of Land Management granted the lease later acquired by Solenex. After leaving government and before getting tapped to serve as acting director of BLM, Pendley represented the company as it fought to drill on revered Montana lands. 

Senator Steve Daines has remained supportive of Pendley in his current post despite his support for  selling off almost all public lands,” opposition from “more than 100 conservation organizations,” including multiple Montana groups, and his defense  of  drilling in the Badger-Two Medicine region. 

“As Daines tries to pull a fast one by greenwashing his record, his support of William Perry Pendley tells Montanans all they need to know about where Daines stands on protecting our public lands,” said MDP Communications Advisor Christina Wilkes. “As a lawyer, Pendley fought to keep an oil and gas lease on land with great cultural and recreational significance to Montanans, and continues to threaten the Montana way of life at the BLM.”


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