Daines Continues to Oppose Critical Lifeline for Unemployed Montanans

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Daines Continues to Oppose Critical Lifeline for Unemployed Montanans
Daines Voted Against Expanded Unemployment Insurance, Then Dishonestly Bragged About The Benefits He Opposed  

Helena, MT – In a few weeks, the expanded unemployment benefits – which have served as a crucial lifeline to Montanans laid off due to the COVID-19 crisis – are set to expire. Recent reports indicate that failing to renew these crucial benefits would have “dramatic, negative” effects on those without jobs, and the economy writ large. 

Yet, Senator Steve Daines still opposes these critical resources keeping hard-working Montanans afloat. When the pandemic first hit, Daines voted to cap unemployment insurance, but after Democrats succeeded in expanding benefits, Daines was repeatedly caught dishonestly bragging about the increased benefits, then abruptly pivoted by calling them too “generous.”

Instead, Daines has focused on protecting the interests of his well-heeled friends – pushing for a corporate slush fund, and helping Republicans slip a massive tax giveaway for the wealthy into a relief package. But when it comes to everyday Montanans, Daines has turned his back.

“Throughout this crisis, Daines has shown his true colors in prioritizing his corporate donors over hard-working Montanans,” said MDP Communications Advisor Christina Wilkes. “Given Daines’ record, we’re not holding out hope that he’ll do what’s right and throw a lifeline to Montanans falling upon hard times.”


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