Daines Continues Shameless About Face on China 

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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Daines Continues Shameless About Face on China 
Helena, MT – Dishonest Daines is at it again – flip-flopping on his record in plain sight. During a Senate hearing yesterday, Senator Steve Daines called Chinese officials’ efforts to downplay the coronavirus “reckless” and “deadly.” 

Just a few months ago, however, Daines had something very different to say. Daines applauded the Chinese government’s response to the virus, saying it “aggressively worked to contain” it. This praise came even as American intelligence officials were warning that China seemed to be playing down the severity of the crisis.

Daines’ pivot to tough-talk on China comes after Washington political consultants instructed Republican Senate candidates to shift blame for the pandemic onto the Chinese government. For years, Daines has been one of the Chinese government’s favorite Senators — earning the title “China’s ambassador in Congress.”

“Steve Daines’ about face is a shameless attempt to hide his record,” said MDP Executive Director Sandi Luckey. “Come November, Montanans will hold Daines accountable for his dishonesty and elect a new senator who tells the truth and fights for us.” 


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