Daines Continues Failing to Secure Desperately-Needed COVID Relief for Montanans

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Daines Continues Failing to Secure Desperately-Needed COVID Relief for Montanans 
Helena, MT – Yesterday, a new report said Mitch McConnell urged the White House to stop negotiating a new COVID-19 relief package before Election Day – throwing cold water on the efforts to deliver aid to the American people. Governor Bullock responded to these developments saying, This is the worst health and economic crisis we’ve seen in a generation, and all Mitch McConnell and Steve Daines can think about is how to hold onto their job titles in Washington.” 

A few moments ago, Daines voted for a pared-down, partisan relief bill in a shameless attempt for political cover. However, the reality is that Daines and his colleagues have put off relief negotiations for months. Daines has even said that there won’t be more COVID relief before Election Day.  Instead he has a laser-like focus on rushing through a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, which could devastate Montanans’ health care access. 

Just one week after election day, the Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in the case to overturn the Affordable Care Act. If this law is gutted, 112,000 Montanans stand to lose their coverage and 152,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions could become vulnerable again to insurance company discrimination. 

“In the midst of an unprecedented crisis, Steve Daines is busy engaging in a partisan food fight instead of working to secure desperately-needed relief for Montanans,” said MDP Communications Advisor Christina Wilkes. “Come November, Montanans will elect a new senator in Steve Bullock who has a proven record of working with Republicans to get things done – unlike Daines who just toes the party line.” 


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