Daines’ Continued Support of DeVos as Education Secretary Endangers Montana’s Students

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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Daines’ Continued Support of DeVos as Education Secretary Endangers Montana’s Students
Daines Silent as Washington Bureaucrats Threaten Funding for Montana Schools  
Helena, MT – A week after Governor Steve Bullock released a detailed plan to safely reopen schools and empower local districts to make the right choices for their students, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos threatened to withhold funding from Montana schools that do not reopen in the fall in a Washington power grab.
Public education advocates criticized DeVos’ announcement, citing “an unfortunate history of the federal government playing a heavy hand.” But that hasn’t stopped Senator Steve Daines from continuing to support DeVos, an extreme Washington bureaucrat who has advocated for privatizing public schools, gutting funding for public education and even rolling back protections for veterans targeted by greedy, for-profit colleges.
Senator Daines turned his back on Montana’s students, educators and schools when he cast the deciding vote to confirm DeVos as Secretary of Education — after receiving nearly $47,000 in campaign donations from DeVos and her family. And he has continued to stand by DeVos’ extreme anti-public education agenda at every turn, even attending arguments at the Supreme Court recently with the Education Secretary for a case that opened the door for taxpayer dollars to flow to private religious schools. 
“Montana’s students deserve an advocate in Washington,” said MDP Communications Advisor Christina Wilkes. “Instead, Senator Daines supports Betsy DeVos’ dangerous anti-public school agenda at every opportunity. Her latest reckless decision could put thousands of Montana students at risk. Daines’ complicity is unacceptable.”

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