ICYMI: Daines’ “Fawning Adulation” for President Trump “Cringe-Inducing” [Campaign Beat]

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Monday, August 31, 2020

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ICYMI: Daines’ “Fawning Adulation” for President Trump “Cringe-Inducing” [Campaign Beat]
Helena, MT – On Friday, MTPR’s Campaign Beat hosts highlighted Senator Steve Daines’ “fawning adulation” and “cringe-inducing expressions of gratitude” for President Trump despite his botched handling of the coronavirus. This isn’t the first time Daines has been called out for his undying loyalty to Republican Party leaders – a few months ago, Campaign Beat took note of Daines’ “obsequious, unqualified allegiance” to the President. Time and time again, Daines has kowtowed to party leaders instead of doing what’s right for Montana.
Campaign Beat: Montana Public Radio: Campaign Beat: Sports, Mail Voting And ‘Fawning Adulation’
By: Sally Mauk, Holly Michels, and Rob SaldinHighlights

“Rob Saldin: Another thing that I guess I just can’t help but note is that Daines’ criticism of Bullock here stands in real contrast to his kind of over-the-top, fawning adulation for President Trump’s handling of the virus. And that’s, you know, not just taken the form of simply asserting that Trump has done a good job in that regard, but it’s involved these kind of cringe-inducing expressions of gratitude to the president for how well he’s done.

And yet, you know, certainly there’s an eager audience for that kind of messaging in some corners of Daines’ base so, you know, maybe it works politically, but it’s a bit ironic.


Sally Mauk: Speaking of fawning, Sen. Daines also this week Rob was quoted in the New York Times offering effusive praise of Donald Trump Jr. as a top-notch hunter and fisherman. The Times described the praise as “sycophantic.”

Rob Saldin:  Well, yeah, I believe he said Don Jr. was better than the Green Berets when it came to shooting. Yeah, I mean, all of this – I mean, to me, it’s just embarrassing to see someone, in particular a grown-up, demean themselves by sucking up like this.

Although, you know, one thing that caught my eye this week: Tim Alberta – who’s a great journalist for Politico and writes a lot about the Republican Party and the conservative movement – you know, he kind of placed some of this in a larger context and said, look, you know, you can take any of these things kind of on their own and they appear ridiculous.

But within the Republican Party, there is this orbit of people who are in something of a competition about who can be the most submissive, who can be the most over-the-top in their adulation for the “dear leader.” You know, that’s something that is kind of jarring, I think, to my sensibilities – and I think a lot of people’s sensibilities – just because it’s not something that we’ve seen a lot here in the United States. But it is something that is not particularly unusual within certain corners of the GOP right now.”


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