Countdown to MTSen Primary, Day 9: Rosendale’s Big Money Buddies Are Worried

Brooke BainumNews

Helena – With only 9 days to go before the June 5th primary, the GOP candidates are getting more and more desperate to claw their way into first place.

Russell Fagg has been dragging wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale through the mud in Montana radio show appearances, while a third party group put out an ad attacking Maryland Matt, and Troy Downing has slammed them both for being “career politicians.”

But no candidate is scrambling more than Matt Rosendale. Rosendale’s pals have had to pour millions in cash into Montana double-time to try and keep him from fading in his otherwise unremarkable campaign.

Club For Growth Action, an out-of-state special interest super PAC, has flooded the state with more than a million dollars to try and prop up Rosendale’s candidacy. Super PACs funded by a Chicago billionaire have also pumped $1.2 million dollars into tipping the scales for Rosendale.

The primary has only gotten more bitter, and Rosendale’s out-of-state backers have only gotten more scared. Just recently, Breitbart—which was run by Rosendale endorser Steve Bannon—highlighted Club for Growth’s attacks calling Fagg “soft on crime.” Breitbart also called out Fagg for his support for a statewide sales tax in Montana when he was a state legislator.

With the clock ticking down until June 5, we fully expect to see Rosendale’s billionaire buddies and dark money groups continue to pour money into Montana to boost his flimsy candidacy. The question is: will out-of-state money be enough to carry Rosendale into first place?


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