Countdown to #MTSen Primary: 8 Days Left, and Out-of-Stater Rosendale’s Only Support Is From Out-of-State


Helena – With eight days until the primary, we’re left to wonder if wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has anyone behind him other than out-of-state Washington politicians and super PACs.

While the Montana GOP establishment has lined up behind Russell Fagg, Rosendale has yet to gain any traction with actual Montanans, or at least he’s not too keen on showing it. Instead, he has had to rely on out-of-state special interest groups backed by billionaires like the Koch brothers, whom he’s made sure to vote with 100 percent of the time, at the expense of Montanans.

Rosendale, no one’s first choice, also depends on folks like Steve Bannon and Chicago billionaire Dick Uihlein to boost his flimsy campaign.

In fact, in an Associated Press story out today, Rosendale once again touted his out-of-state endorsers over any support he might have in state.

Rosendale’s consistent and unending catering to outside dark money groups leaves no doubt that he is only looking out for them – not for Montanans.

So what exactly did Rosendale promise these out-of-state special interest groups in order to get so much financial support from them?


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