Countdown to #MTSen Primary: 7 Days Left and the GOP Field is Plagued by Scandal, Faces Criminal and Ethical Troubles


Helena – The primary is just a week away, and enthusiasm for the GOP slate of candidates is lacking. One look at the growing list of ethical issues plaguing them is enough to understand why.

News broke today that wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale isn’t really a rancher, despite making that claim a main part of his campaign. And last month, Montanans learned that Rosendale signed two legal documents under penalty of perjury pledging that he was a resident of Maryland in 2015 for the purposes of a tax break.

In response, a formal complaint was filed against Rosendale by a Maryland resident for seemingly trying to take advantage of Maryland tax law. Rosendale has also been hounded for it by Russell Fagg, who said to Maryland Matt, “Why do you sign something that’s blank? I just don’t see how that could happen.”

But Fagg has his own ethical troubles to deal with. Fagg continues to face two federal complaints: One with the FEC for running a shadow campaign as a sitting judge, and one for not complying with campaign finance federal law, including failure to disclose his private plane.

Of course, there’s no forgetting California millionaire Troy Downing, who will be forced to appear in court for illegally obtaining multiple residents-only hunting licenses in Montana.

An out-of-state liar, an unethical former judge, and a Californian facing criminal charges…It’s no wonder Montana voters aren’t excited about the GOP candidates: Whoever wins will be plagued by ethical and/or criminal troubles until Election Day.


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