Countdown to #MTSen Primary: 5 Days Left, and Rosendale Still Refuses to Tell the Truth


Helena – With just five days left until the June 5 primary, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale is still misleading Montanans. In fact, just about the only thing Rosendale can be trusted on is to deceive Montanans – something that he shows no signs of stopping.

This week, we learned that Rosendale has been misleading Montanans about a key part of his campaign biography. Rosendale has consistently made being a rancher a cornerstone of his campaign, and talked about it nonstop in op-eds, campaign stump speeches, political ads, his press releases, on his campaign website, and his social media accounts. But the truth is, Rosendale has never owned any cattle, let alone ranched the land that he owns.

The news that Rosendale is not really a rancher like he says came after Montanans found out that Rosendale signed two legal documents under penalty of perjury that he was a resident of Maryland in 2015 – for which he has yet to take responsibility.

Rosendale started out day one of his campaign with a lie, which earned him a “Pants on Fire” rating from a non-partisan fact checker. That wasn’t his only “Pants on Fire” claim – just last month, he made claims that had “no basis” and were found to be “flat wrong.”

Rosendale’s dishonesty carries over to his disastrous record on the issues Montanans care about the most. Rosendale has claimed to support Montana veterans, yet he has repeatedly voted against resources for veterans homes, veterans home loan programs, and scholarships for Montana’s Purple Heart recipients. His public lands record is no better – Rosendale pushed to transfer our public lands, but flip-flopped on his record when he started campaigning for Senate. And last year, Rosendale told health insurance companies that he would work with them to adjust their insurance rate hikes for Montanans—but less than two months later, Rosendale made a public statement rebuking health insurance companies when they raised their rates as discussed. He was even accused of playing a “political game” with Montanans’ health care.

“There’s a clear and disturbing pattern here – Matt Rosendale can’t seem to be honest with Montanans, and his deceptions keep adding up,” said Brooke Bainum, spokesperson for the Montana Democratic Party. “If Rosendale were honest with Montanans about who he is – not really a rancher, but a millionaire real estate developer from the East Coast who votes against our veterans, pushes to make it easier to transfer our public lands, and rubber-stamps health care rate hikes – Montanans wouldn’t like what they see.”


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