Countdown to #MTSen Primary: 3 Days Left, and Rosendale Doesn’t Share Our Montana Values


Helena – There are just three days left until the GOP primary and—between an ethically challenged former judge, a California millionaire, and a wealthy East Coast developer—the GOP field isn’t exactly what anyone would call “top-tier.” But even worse than these candidates’ biographies are their records: No candidate shares our Montana values, and Matt Rosendale’s record may be the worst of them all.

Native Marylander Rosendale—who is claiming to be a rancher, even though public records show he has never owned cattle or ranched his own land—has consistently proven that he stands on the wrong side of the issues Montanans care about. Despite the fact that roughly one-tenth of Montana’s population are veterans, Rosendale has voted against critical resources for veterans—including funding for a veterans home in southwest Montana, a home loan program for Gold Star service members and their families, and scholarships for Purple Heart recipients.

Rosendale has pushed for transferring our public lands, which could make it easier to sell them off, and even said transferring public lands is “the primary thing we have to focus on.” He obviously thinks Montanans have a short-term memory, because Rosendale completely flip-flopped on his public lands record in an op-ed just a month ago.

Rosendale has also spent his entire career pushing policies that are bad for Montana women. He was one of only a handful to vote against bipartisan legislation that cracked down on sex trafficking in Montana, and even voted against the Montana Paycheck Fairness Act that would have helped ensure that Montana women receive equal pay for equal work.

The list of ways Rosendale is out-of-touch with Montanans is seemingly endless. Rosendale came out in strong support of proposed trade tariffs that Montana farmers and ranchers said would hurt their operations. And let’s not forget that Rosendale played political games with Montanans’ health care when he rubber-stamped health insurance rate hikes last year.

If Rosendale can survive the primary, he’ll have a hard time trying to convince Montanans to forget about his extensive record voting against their values and their best interests.


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