Countdown to MTSen Primary: 10 More Days of Disarray


Helena – With just 10 days left in an increasingly bitter GOP primary, things are only getting more chaotic. The field, chock-full of second-tier candidates, has been intensifying attacks against each other.

Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale is out with a digital ad hitting Russell Fagg, while Fagg is pushing back and slamming Rosendale for the out-of-state special interest groups propping up Rosendale and hammering Fagg. Meanwhile, Troy Downing attacked them both with a video Friday afternoon.

Super PACs are also fueling the fire, with Club for Growth spending nearly $900,000 on a single ad targeting Fagg, and Principles First attacking Maryland Matt for signing a document under penalty of perjury claiming to be a Maryland resident in 2015.

Meanwhile, both candidates are facing complaints for unethical behavior.

While it seems likely the primary will devolve into even more bickering and punching before June 5, it’s clear that the GOP will have lasting damage in the general election, no matter who emerges from the chaos of the GOP primary.


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