Countdown to #MTSen: 2 Days and Rosendale Keeps Taking Hits…Again, and Again and Again


Helena – A mere two days from the primary and wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale can’t seem to catch a break. Rosendale keeps taking hits for misleading Montanans and prioritizing out-of-state special interest groups over what’s best for Montana.

Ethically challenged Russell Fagg has been slamming Rosendale for the out-of-state special interest groups propping up Rosendale’s campaign. Fagg said it was “troublesome” that super PACs backed by Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlien have spent more than a million dollars to support Rosendale. As a reminder, Montanans decided they don’t want millionaires and billionaires like the Copper Kings coming in to buy our elections – but Rosendale voted against the Disclose Act, which requires dark money groups to disclose their donors and campaign expenditures.

Californian Troy Downing even jabbed Rosendale for being a “career politician” and criticized Rosendale and Fagg for “spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on attacking each other and lay wounds bare, rather than focusing on message.”

On a statewide talk radio show, Rosendale was criticized for “running for five offices in the last eight years,” ignoring his responsibilities as state auditor, and saying it didn’t matter if a Democrat replaced him on the Land Board were he to leave his job.

Rosendale has also come under fire from Fagg and others for pretending to be an advocate for public lands, when the truth is that he’s time and again pushed measures that could make it easier to sell off our public lands, and supports public lands policies that are in direct opposition to what the vast majority of Montanans want.

Maryland Matt has also been attacked for signing two documents under penalty of perjury claiming to be a Maryland resident in 2015. Not to mention Rosendale has come under increasing scrutiny after a new report showed that despite his claims to be a rancher, Rosendale has never owned any cattle and has never ranched his own land.

Montanans are left with some disturbing questions: What is Matt Rosendale promising these out-of-state billionaires and special interest groups in return for their support? And what else is he misleading Montanans about?


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