As Club for Growth Releases its Scorecard, Rosendale Cozier Than Ever with DC Special Interest Groups


Helena – DC special interest group Club for Growth released its annual scorecard yesterday, ranking members of Congress and incentivizing them to fall in line with the group’s agenda no matter the harm to their constituents.

Club for Growth isn’t just focused on controlling members of Congress; it’s got its sights set on candidates who will bend to their will, like wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale. Maryland Matt has already shown he’ll be a loyal follower eager to earn a high score by opposing a bipartisan budget deal signed into law by President Trump. The budget provides more funding for Montana’s community health centers serving more than 100,000 Montanans, and extends funding for CHIP – but his backers at Club for Growth opposed it.

When Rosendale sees dollar signs, all thoughts of what’s best for Montanans flies out the window. Club for Growth bundled nearly $100,000 for Rosendale last year, which accounts for close to 14 percent of his total money raised, and they just opened a Montana-specific PAC this month to pour money into his race.

Rosendale is not only beholden to Club for Growth; he has out-of-state special interest groups and super PACs lining up to buy him, like Senate Conservatives Fund and Steve Bannon’s PAC. He also has a perfect score with a Koch Brothers-funded group.

With (rich, out-of-state, corporate) friends like these, Rosendale couldn’t care less about Montana.


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