Christi Jacobsen — Stapleton’s Chosen Successor

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

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Christi Jacobsen — Stapleton’s Chosen Successor
Helena, MT – Republican candidate for Secretary of State, and chief of staff to Corey Stapleton, Christi Jacobsen proudly touts her boss’s endorsement of her candidacy. Given the Stapleton-Jacobsen administration track record, Montanans should be concerned. 

A recent scathing editorial from the Billings Gazette outlined the Stapleton-Jacobsen administration’s legacy of incompetence and corruption, saying they have “wasted significant amounts of taxpayer dollars on politically motivated court actions.” The Gazette went on to recount their greatest hits:

There was the issue of the nonexistent voter fraud that Stapleton referred to in public, then blamed the media for reporting. There was the problem with the unauthorized expense to the state for a personal “big truck” he used to commute to work. There was the attempt to declare a bill vetoed by the governor as the law of the land, a move a judge found to be “without constitutional or statutory support.” There was the botched voter guide and rush-job $265,000 correction, commissioned from a political ally’s print shop without bid. And there was the fine for using resources from the Secretary of State’s Office to announce his campaign for governor — a campaign he later abandoned to run instead for Montana’s House seat when that position looked more easily attainable.

“The fact that Christi Jacobsen proudly touts Corey Stapleton’s endorsement tells Montanans everything they need to know about her candidacy,” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Jacobsen is running on 4 years of mismanagement and embarrassment — and promising more to come. Talk about a tough sell.”


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