Christi Jacobsen Has Failed Montana Small Businesses

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Christi Jacobsen Has Failed Montana Small Businesses
Helena, MT – As Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Bryce Bennett prepares to kick off his Montana Small Business Tour, he continues to hear from Montanans that the Stapleton-Jacobsen administration has left business owners and entrepreneurs behind.

The Secretary of State should be a vehicle for Montana business owners, not a constant roadblock. But under the Stapleton-Jacobsen administration, Montanans have found themselves taking a backseat to constant litigation and scandal, as the office has been gutted. In addition to the failures of their business office, the Billings Gazette Editorial Board took inventory of the Stapleton-Jacobsen administration’s ‘greatest achievements’:

There was the issue of the nonexistent voter fraud that Stapleton referred to in public, then blamed the media for reporting. There was the problem with the unauthorized expense to the state for a personal “big truck” he used to commute to work. There was the attempt to declare a bill vetoed by the governor as the law of the land, a move a judge found to be “without constitutional or statutory support.” There was the botched voter guide and rush-job $265,000 correction, commissioned from a political ally’s print shop without bid. And there was the fine for using resources from the Secretary of State’s Office to announce his campaign for governor — a campaign he later abandoned to run instead for Montana’s House seat when that position looked more easily attainable.

“Montana business owners need a real advocate in the Secretary of State’s office — not someone focused on partisan politics and insider dealing,” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Bryce Bennett will always put Montana’s entrepreneurs first.”


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