‘China Cheerleader’ Steve Daines Attempts to Conceal Cozy History with China 

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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‘China Cheerleader’ Steve Daines Attempts to Conceal Cozy History with China 

Helena, MT – In a new ad, Senator Steve Daines continued to gloss over his cozy history with China – continuing a never-ending habit of saying one thing to Montanans and doing another in Washington, DC. Despite years “actively courting senior Communist Party officials” and being accused of doing the country’s “political bidding”, Daines is pivoting to tough talk on China – seemingly taking orders from Washington DC consultants who advised shifting blame for the pandemic onto the Chinese government.

Daines: “We must hold China accountable.” 

FACT CHECK: Just a few months ago, Daines praised  the Chinese government’s response to the crisis, saying it “aggressively worked to contain” the virus. These glowing comments came even as American intelligence officials were warning that China was misleading the world about the severity of the crisis. 

Daines: “My plan starts with three words: made in America.” 

FACT CHECK: While Daines was helping set up Procter & Gamble plants in China in the 1990s, the company was closing plants and eliminating thousands of jobs in the U.S. While serving as a technology executive, Daines personally laid off Montanans.  

Daines: “We need to break our reliance on China and bring our jobs home.” 

FACT CHECK: In 2015, Daines voted against a Bring Jobs Home measure that sought to end tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs. Two years later, he voted for a tax plan that overwhelmingly benefited the “extremely wealthy and corporations” and that  “could actually make it more attractive” to ship jobs overseas.


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