BREAKING: Rosendale’s Rancher Claims: “All Hat, No Cattle”


Maryland Real Estate Developer Continues to Deceive; Never Ranched Land, Never Owned Cattle

Helena – This morning, Talking Points Memo reported that despite claims from wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale to be a rancher, he is all hat and no cattle—he has never owned any cattle and “never actually ranched his land himself.”

Rosendale continues to mislead Montanans, trying to change his image and sell himself as a rancher, often omitting the fact on the campaign trail that he has been a real estate developer for nearly 40 years.

That leaves Montanans wondering, what else is Rosendale not being honest about?

ICYMI: Talking Points Memo: Montana GOP Senate Candidate’s Claims To Be A Rancher Are Partly Bull
By Cameron Joseph
May 29, 2018

Key Points:

  • “[Rosendale] has made ranching a central part of his image…But public records and his own past statements indicate the longtime real estate developer never actually ranched his land himself, instead renting it out for others to farm and run their cattle on.”
  • “And the higher the office he’s run for, the more he’s talked up his supposed ranching experience.”
  • “That could be a problem for Rosendale as he looks to hang on for a primary victory next week…”
  • “‘Matt Rosendale may describe himself as a rancher, but I haven’t met many ranchers who were wealthy east coast real-estate developers until they were 40 years old,’ Fagg said in a statement to TPM when asked about Rosendale’s ranching credentials.”
  • “But [Rosendale’s] ranching credentials could be an issue if he squares off against Tester in the fall.”
  • “…especially in his latest campaign, he’s leaned hard into his rancher persona — while at times avoiding mention of his years as an elected official or discussing his decades in real estate.”
  • “In 2010 and 2012, Rosendale listed himself as ‘real estate developer’ on his official candidate disclosure forms. In 2016, he listed ‘ranching and real estate development.’”
  • “Rosendale hasn’t registered ownership of any livestock since 2011 — and before then it was limited to a few horses. It appears that he’s never owned any cattle.”
  • “He similarly received a registered livestock brand when he bought his $2.2 million ranch in 2002, but let that lapse when it expired in 2011, and it doesn’t appear that he ever used it. That makes sense if Rosendale hasn’t worked the land much himself.”
  • “It will be interesting to see if Montana voters decide he’s authentically one of their own.”


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