BREAKING: GOP Dark Money Group Tampering with Montana Elections

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Thursday, February 13, 2020



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BREAKING: GOP Dark Money Group Tampering with Montana Elections


Club For Growth Has Endorsed and Spent Millions to Elect Matt Rosendale


Helena IR: Republican PAC files to get 3rd party on Montana ballot

By: Holly Michels


“A conservative national political action committee that endorsed a Montana Republican U.S. House candidate registered last week to spend money in an effort to try to get a third party on the ballot this year,”


“Club for Growth, which backs Matt Rosendale in the four-way Republican primary for Montana’s lone seat in the House and has raised $250,000 to support him this cycle, filed the paperwork Feb. 6 to form a committee to qualify a minor party for the ballot. Club for Growth also supported Rosendale in his unsuccessful 2018 bid against incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester.”


“‘It’s outrageous and unacceptable that a D.C. dark money group that has endorsed and spent millions to elect Maryland Matt Rosendale is tampering with Montana elections like this,’ said executive director Sandi Luckey. ‘Montanans won’t stand for this.’”


“A woman gathering signatures outside the U.S. Post Office in downtown Helena would not tell a reporter who employed her, saying her boss told her not to speak to the press. But others who spoke to petitioners around town, including a member of the Montana Democratic Party, were told the signature-gatherers worked for Advanced Micro Targeting, the same group paid to gather signatures to get the Montana Green Party on the ballot in 2018.”

“In those midterm elections, during the few hours between when the Green Party qualified for the ballot and the filing deadline closed, a man previously paid by the state Republican party and a donor just two years before to Republican candidates, filed to run as a Green Party candidate in the U.S. Senate race featuring Rosendale and Tester.”

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