Ben Jacobs’ Lawyer: Gianforte’s “continued lying is unacceptable and actionable”


Helena – If it’s a day of the week, multimillionaire Congressman Greg Gianforte is being called out for lying to Montanans and the police about assaulting a reporter more than a year ago.

Today, a lawyer for Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs responded to an editorial board interview with the Missoulian in which Gianforte falsely claimed: “The statement I gave was my recollection of what occurred and I also am bound by my settlement agreement with Ben Jacobs to not talk about the incident.”

In his initial statements to police and to the press last May, Gianforte said that Jacobs initiated physical contact with him. However, Gianforte eventually admitted in his apology to Jacobs that “notwithstanding anyone’s statements to the contrary, you did not initiate any physical contact with me,” which proves his remark to the Missoulian this month to be yet another lie.

Jacobs’ lawyer took issue with Gianforte’s newest untruth in a letter to his counsel, noting there was never a confidentiality agreement and that:

“The continued lying is unacceptable and actionable. Please advise your client that he and his spokespersons need to stop — immediately and forever — telling lies about the assault, about their own prior lies, about your client’s ‘settlement agreement’ with Ben, or about any other aspect of this matter.”

[Read the full letter here.]

“Congressman Greg Gianforte is a compulsive liar who thinks laws and rules don’t apply to him,” said Nancy Keenan, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party. “If he can’t even be honest with the police, Montanans certainly can’t trust him to be honest about health care, public lands, or anything else for that matter. Congressman Gianforte is an international disgrace and Montana deserves better.” 

In addition to his remarks to the Missoulian, Gianforte’s long record of lying about his assault includes:


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