After Bailing on the People of Montana, Matt Rosendale Campaigns in D.C. in the Middle of the Work Week


Helena – It didn’t take long for wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale to make his priorities clear: putting his campaign over the people of Montana.

Monday, Rosendale bailed on a statewide televised debate with Sen. Jon Tester after saying he would participate; a day later, Rosendale was found in Washington DC, dining at Cafe Berlin on Capitol Hill after a day of campaigning. Tuesday, of course, is traditionally a work day in Montana, but our state auditor was too busy campaigning to actually do his job.

Not a great look.

It seems like Rosendale has a pretty busy schedule, with the Associated Press reporting he has a fundraiser slated for tomorrow, hosted by one of the top lobbyists in Washington.

Luckily for us, his DC consultants have arranged for folks to meet Rosendale in Washington.

Since Rosendale isn’t doing his job in Montana, and since he won’t debate Tester this weekend, we thought we’d request a meeting with him the only way we can: through his DC consulting firm, using the online instructions provided. Hopefully Maryland Matt can squeeze Montanans into his tight campaign schedule, maybe before his fundraiser on Thursday?



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