Bad Week for Matt Rosendale Comes to a Merciful End


Helena – It’s been a week for wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale. After starting off Monday with some cringe-worthy headlines for backing out of a debate with Sen. Jon Tester this Sunday in Whitefish—and then lying about it—Rosendale appeared to run away from Montanans and turned up in Washington, DC, where he was caught fundraising for his campaign during the middle of a work week instead of doing his job in Montana.

We imagined what could easily be a text conversation from earlier this week between Rosendale and his Washington establishment boss, Mitch McConnell. Take a look:

Later in the week, Rosendale was seen schmoozing on Capitol Hill and held at least two fundraisers, all the while ducking Montanans and refusing to answer questions about being a fake rancher.

Not to mention, Montana press picked up on the fact Rosendale hid his financial disclosures for weeks from Montana voters leading up to the primary.

After a long week of bad headlines, dodging Montanans and getting caught in lies, Rosendale must be thankful it’s Friday.


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