Bad Residency News is Going Nowhere for Rosendale in #MTSen


Perjury and Residency Continue to be an Issue For Maryland Matt

Helena – Wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has continued to face critical reports in the news for misleading Montanans, as his fellow Republicans pile on about his out-of-state issues. Remember, in 2015 Rosendale signed, under penalty of perjury, two legal documents saying he was a Maryland resident in order to get a tax break.

Here are just a few:

MTN News: Montana Democrats also have noted that Rosendale signed a document in 2015 to claim a Maryland residential tax exemption on a real estate sale in Maryland that year. The document has a box that’s checked, stating “I … am a resident of the State of Maryland.”

Roll Call: It’s looking like he’ll face fellow flat-top Matt Rosendale, who will likely be attacked as a carpetbagger from Maryland

Billings Gazette LTE: The last thing Montana needs is a senator who will rubber stamp any paper that comes in front of him without reading it — or one who knowingly lies about his residency to secure a tax break. Matt Rosendale has already proven that he is incapable of representing Montana…Either Rosendale knowingly lied about being a Maryland resident just to get a tax break, or he’s too careless to carefully read the documents he’s signing. Neither option is one that I want in either a state auditor or a senator.

Montana Standard LTE: If I’m talking to someone who says they’ve been a real estate developer for over two decades, I would expect that person to be capable of understanding real estate paperwork. So I’m not letting Matt Rosendale off the hook when he claims he signed two standalone documents, under penalty of perjury, that he was a resident of Maryland “by mistake.” And neither should my fellow Montana voters.


Montana Free Press: Fagg: I am a fourth generation Montanan who does not need to defend being from Maryland or California. I was a District Judge for 22 years who does not have to defend moving to Montana to start my political career.

Ethically challenged Russell Fagg hasn’t let up in his attacks on Rosendale:

All these are in addition to a slew of other bad news for Rosendale for signing under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident in 2015.


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