#Awkward: Billings Rep. Endorses Downing, Not Fagg


Helena – Yesterday, state Rep. Frank Fleming of Billings endorsed Californian Troy Downing for Senate. Fleming recently replaced Adam Rosendale – son of wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale – who was forced to resign after moving from Billings to Great Falls and a district he did not represent.

That must be a little awkward for ethically-challenged Russell Fagg. Fagg – whose support for Mitch McConnell has been called an effort to “suck up to Mitch’s Super-PAC” – can’t even earn the support of a representative of his native Billings and was passed over for Downing, who is not only not from Billings, he’s not even from Montana.

Downing has claimed a tax break on his primary home in California as recently as last year, is headed to a jury trial for seven misdemeanors, and is under investigation by the state FWP for falsely claiming to be a resident of Montana.

The endorsement is just the latest sign that the GOP primary is a full-on mess. There’s no consensus builder running, no energy or excitement, and no clear frontrunner. We already know this is a fractious primary; now it just keeps getting more awkward.


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