Awkward: Bannon threatens Koch-backed candidates like Rosendale: “you are going to pay”


Helena – Disgraced former White House advisor Steve Bannon – who has endorsed Matt Rosendale – issued a warning this week to candidates propped up by Koch-funded organizations, like Matt Rosendale, threatening that “it’s going to be toxic” and “if you take Koch money there’s a punishment.”

That could make things mighty awkward for East Coast developer and State Frauditor Matt Rosendale. Rosendale has received a perfect score from a Koch brothers group and is endorsed by the Koch-backed Club for Growth.

Rosendale’s campaign has also benefited from more than $1 million that the Koch-backed Club for Growth poured into Montana in the primary to attack his opponents and prop up his campaign.

Meanwhile, President Trump called the Koch brothers “a total joke.”

Rosendale originally said he was “thrilled” to have Bannon’s endorsement, but since Bannon’s fallout with Trump, Rosendale has tried to hide it from Montanans.

So whose out-of-state special interest side is Rosendale on? Bannon? Or the Kochs? Or…both? 🤔


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