Austin Knudsen Can’t Be Trusted with Montana’s Public Lands

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Austin Knudsen Can’t Be Trusted with Montana’s Public Lands

Helena, MT – As Democratic Candidate for Attorney General Raph Graybill rolls out his plan to protect Montana’s public lands, Montanans continue to have serious questions about Austin Knudsen’s long record of attempts to dismantle crucial protections.

Throughout Knudsen’s political career, he has supported the most extreme anti-access policies, including the transfer of federal public lands, a position even current Republican AG Tim Fox opposes.

Knudsen continues to be locked in a legal battle against the City of Culbertson, the Horace Mann Post No. 81 of the American Legion, and local recreationists, over putting up a gate on a public easement, preventing access to the 35 acre veterans park located along the Missouri River. Knudsen and his family bought the property around the park and gated it off, blocking local veterans and outdoor enthusiasts from accessing the public park.

In the Montana Legislature, Knudsen personally killed a bill that would have increased fines for landowners like him who block access to public roads. He also voted for a bill that would have disallowed Montana from acquiring any new public lands, and voted to restrict access to public streams, and voted to defund Habitat Montana — the successful conservation program that even AG Tim Fox promised to fully fund if he was elected Governor. 

“Austin Knudsen has made it abundantly clear that attacking Montana’s public lands, our $7 billion outdoor economy, and the men and women who served this nation, is a top personal priority,” said MDP Communications Director Nathan Stein. “Montanans deserve an Attorney General dedicated to protecting our public lands from anti-access extremists like Knudsen — and that’s exactly what they’ll get with Raph Graybill.”


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