Associated Press: “Gianforte Violated Campaign Finance Laws”

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Associated Press: “Gianforte Violated Campaign Finance Laws”
The case has now been referred to the Lewis and Clark County Attorney for prosecution.
Helena, MT – Convicted criminal Greg Gianforte just broke the law – again. 

This time, “Gianforte violated campaign finance laws by moving money from his primary election account to his general election account before paying all of the debts,” and “then continu[ing] to raise money to repay primary debts,” according to the Associated Press.

As noted by the AP“Gianforte must either apply the $181,000 to his primary campaign or refund all primary campaign election contributions received after the primary, for a minimum total of $137,000.”

“Greg Gianforte intentionally tried to get around Montana’s campaign finance laws – and he got caught red-handed,” said Deputy Communications Director Matt Fidel. “You know what they say – criminals gonna crime!”


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