As VA Secretary Arrives in Montana to Boost Daines’ Campaign, Veterans Slam Daines For His Record of Letting Them Down 

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Monday, September 28, 2020

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As VA Secretary Arrives in Montana to Boost Daines’ Campaign, Veterans Slam Daines For His Record of Letting Them Down 
Helena, MT – This week, Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs Robert Wilkie is visiting Montana for the first time since taking office – coming in the midst of a high-stakes Senate race and just a few days before Montanans begin voting. Much like Senator Steve Daines has failed to hold town halls during his time in the Senate, Wilkie is refusing to participate in public events during his trip and give all Montana veterans a chance to voice their concerns. Instead, Wilkie is using the opportunity to throw a lifeline to Daines as he faces the toughest campaign of his political career.  

  • While in the Senate, Daines has been committed to gutting the Affordable Care Act, the law that paved the way for Montana’s Medicaid expansion which can provide essential coverage for veterans who don’t qualify for VA health benefits.
  • Daines tried to take credit for the Butte veterans home  – eagerly showing up for the groundbreaking photo-op – despite voting against funding for the center. 
  • When reports revealed that President Trump called dead and wounded soldiers “losers” and “suckers”, Daines “declin[ed] to directly address the allegations.”

As Wilkie touches down in Montana, veterans across the state are slamming Daines for his record of only fighting for himself in the Senate, while leaving them behind:

“Steve Daines does not support any of the veterans issues that are so essential to my life and the lives of all veterans here in Montana. He mouths the words but doesn’t step to the plate to them. When President Trump called all us veterans ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’ and then when the bounties were placed on our soldiers in Afghanistan, he didn’t step forward.” 

“It’s important to me that my fellow veterans understand who and what they’re voting for. As Governor, Steve Bullock expanded Medicaid to provide an essential lifeline to those veterans who don’t qualify for VA health benefits. Senator Daines voted against Medicaid expansion and against funding for the veterans home in Butte. Yet, Daines took credit in photos and social media…Unlike his opponent, Steve Bullock has our backs and has my vote.” 

“Steve Daines likes to pay lip service to supporting veterans. But when it really matters, we can’t count on Daines to support us. The truth is Daines hasn’t back many veterans issues. He just likes to show up and take credit.”


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